Black Friday 2013 is quickly creeping upon us. Even though the big shopping weekend is still weeks away, die hard shoppers are already starting to think about their shopping strategies. However, you simply cannot make a plan until the ads come out. But when, exactly, will the ads leak?

That depends.

In the past, stores did not want their ads to leak, as that made the competition much more fierce and prevented some big retailers from drawing in customers with only a few rock bottom deals. Now, many stores are realizing that shoppers are more likely to make a Black Friday shopping plan days or even weeks in advance, meaning they are more likely to leak their ads early. For some, its a race to be the first to leak their ads. For others, there are legal battles every year to keep sales secretive.

Typically, you can expect the ads of smaller chain stores to leak the earliest. Hardware stores, mall stores and department stores are examples of early ad leakers. However, bigger ads, like the 2013 Walmart Black Friday ad, or the 2013 Best Buy Black Friday ad are less likely to come out until just one or two days before Thanksgiving.

Keep an eye out for the 2013 Black Friday ads for your favorite stores to leak online and in forums starting as early as October.

As the past couple of years have shown, it is more than likely that the biggest sales of the season will occur at tiered times in an effort to better manage crowds. Who can forget the year that someone was tragically trampled at a store opening on Black Friday? Now, stores like Walmart and Toys-R-Us are known for having staggered Black Friday sale times beginning as early as Thanksgiving night. So get ready — this may just be the year you have to choose between a brand new flat screen TV at rock bottom prices and having a traditional turkey dinner with the people you love.

I expect Black Friday 2013 to have some excellent deals on video games in particular. The coming months will see the release of some big consoles — namely the Xbox One. Don’t expect to see the price drop on the new console, but do expect to see some tremendous deals on bundles. Not to mention, you’ll probably see many older console-specific games in the 10 dollar bins. I also fully expect Disney Infinity to get a huge boost this 2013 Black Friday season. As for other Black Friday sale deals, it’s likely you’ll see a lot of the ‘usual.’ That means plenty of $200 flat screens, $5 countertop kitchen appliances, $25 vacuums, $39 fire pits, $5 pajamas and the like.

Keep your eyes peeled for the best 2013 Black Friday ads online and in forums. You never know when they’ll leak.

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